Social Ethics Society Journal of Applied Philosophy launched

The Social Ethics Society Journal of Applied Philosophy was launched last October 30, 2015 at Pearl Farm Resort, Samal Island, Davao.

Fr. Urbano Pardillo Jr., editor, mentioned the importance of the journal in giving philosophy researchers, graduate students, and scholars the opportunity to publish their work.

The maiden issue of the journal features four articles written by Dr. Jeffry Ocay (Silliman) on the philosophy of work, A/Prof. Christopher Ryan Maboloc (ADDU) on Iris Marion Young's 'politics of difference', Joharel Escobia (FSUU) on Giorgio Agamben and the state of exception, and Aldrin Quintero (St. Alexius) on Kant's On Perpetual Peace.

Peter Paul Elicor is the managing editor of the journal. A/Prof. Christopher Ryan Maboloc is associate editor. The peer reviewed journal's editorial consultants include Dr. Japhet Bakuwa of the University of Malawi, Dr. Jane Gallamaso of Xavier University, Dr. Godiva Eviota of the Mindanao State University, Dr. Ryan Urbano of the University of San Carlos, Dr. Jeffry Ocay of Silliman University, Prof. Raymundo Pavo of the University of the Philippines (Mindanao), Prof. Ian Clark Parcon of the Ateneo de Davao University, Dr. Ruby Suazo of the University of San Carlos, Dr. Christopher Agulanna of the University of Ibadan in Nigeria, and Dr. Orlando Ali Mandane of the University of San Carlos.

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