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Statement of Purpose: Social Ethics Society

The country is at the crossroads of a deep moral storm. Many of the basic institutions of our society are not functioning. The Filipino people deserve a life lived in dignity. Justice and equality, the very principles that constitute the moral worth of our social and political existence, are values that we must pursue beyond the classroom.

It is in recognizing our moral responsibility to become instruments for the realization of human well-being that as philosophy and ethics teachers, we have to come together in order to unite and seek the very actualization of the moral ideals of society. As teachers, we are in the frontlines doing battle against hopelessness, and our students need from us a strong resolve to be an integral part of social change.

First, we are agents of change for we clarify moral issues and explain to our students the meaning of our moral responsibilities. Second, we have a greater obligation to society by becoming role models and leaders in order to effect actual tr…