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Social Ethics Society adds more members

The Board of Directors of Social Ethics Society approved the admission of ten new members to the organization in a meeting held last February 9, 2013 at the Ateneo de Davao University.

The new members are Mr. Jose Cantallopez and Mr. Fernando Garingo of the Mindanao State University in Marawi, Mr. Joharel Escobia of Urios University, Mr. Rayven Oroc of the University of Mindanao, Mr. Aldrin Quintero of St. Alexius College, Marbel and Mr. Cristian Ramirez, Mr. Donnie Alonto, Atty. Darwin Tenaja, Fr. Ed Palomar, and Ms. Maricar Olandria, graduate students at the Ateneo de Davao University.

A member must be a student or a graduate in the field of philosophy, an instructor or professor of philosophy, or a researcher in the field of philosophy. The SES now has 48 active members on its roster.

SES 2nd Conference held at QACS

The 2nd Conference of the Social Ethics Society was successfully held at the Queen of Apostles College Seminary, in Tagum City, October 6, 2012. The theme of the conference was "Crisis of Contemporary Reason: Practical Implications for Philippine Society". Fr. Emerson delos Reyes of QACS welcomed the participants and congratulated the efforts of the founding members and officers in establishing the Society.

A/Prof. Christopher Ryan Maboloc, in his Opening Speech, challenged the participants to "come down from the ivory tower, destroy elitism in the manner in which we think, and make philosophy work for the ordinary man". Thirty six philosophy faculty, including representatives from MSU, CMU, ADDU, NDMU, USM, UM Davao and Tagum, USEP, St. Mary's, and others attended the event. QACS seminarians also attended the event.

On Membership

Based on Article IX of the Social Ethics Society's approved constitution and by-laws, the following are the rules of membership in the society:

Article IX


1. Membership shall be on an individual basis. The President, the officers, or members may invite potential members to the organization; Attendance to at least one of the conferences is a requisite for membership.

2. All members must be a student or a graduate in the field of philosophy, an instructor or professor of philosophy, or a researcher in the field of philosophy;

3. All new members shall be approved by the Board of Directors in a regular meeting;

4. Members are to pay an annual membership due of 500.00 to the Treasurer;

5. Members can be removed for just cause by a majority vote of the Board of Directors or by resignation in a letter addressed to the President;

For more information, email the SES at or at

Social Ethics Society approves its Constitution and by-laws; to hold second conference in Tagum City

Press Release

May 7, 2012

The Social Ethics Society approved its founding Constitution and by-laws after three hours of deliberation in a meeting held at Lake Agko Resort, Kidapawan City. The University of Southern Mindanao, through the leadership of BOD Marcos Monderin, hosted the event.

The by-laws include strict membership qualification, i.e. a member must be a graduate of philosophy or a graduate student of philosophy, an instructor or a professor in philosophy, or a researcher in the field of philosophy.

Also in the drawing board is the 2nd Social Ethics Society Annual Conference which will be held sometime in November of this year. The Queen of Apostles College Seminary will be the host of the conference which will be held in Tagum City.

Fr. Julius Capongpongan was also elected as Chair of the Board of Directors, the President, Ryan Maboloc, as Vice Chair of the BOD. In attendance during the event were Ryan Maboloc of Ateneo (President), Armando Parantar of UIC (Secretary), Dr. Rom…

Approved Constitution and by-laws

Article I

Name of Organization:

The official name of the organization is Social Ethics Society.

Article II


We are a community of philosophy scholars, teachers, and students who seek to strongly contribute to the realization of a moral and progressive society.

Article III


The Social Ethics Society seeks to become:

1. An unfailing fortress of truth and moral values in Philippine society.
2. An engaged center for philosophical reflection and discourse in Mindanao.
3. An active collaborator with civil society and state actors on social concerns.

Article IV


1. To organize training programs, conferences, and workshops on ethics and human development;
2. To develop research modules on applied ethics, social science, political ethics, women empowerment, and economic ethics;
3. To publish journals, books, and position papers on pressing and important local and national issues;
4. To engage with non-government organizations and state actors on social advocacy and related…

Statement of Purpose: Social Ethics Society

The country is at the crossroads of a deep moral storm. Many of the basic institutions of our society are not functioning. The Filipino people deserve a life lived in dignity. Justice and equality, the very principles that constitute the moral worth of our social and political existence, are values that we must pursue beyond the classroom.

It is in recognizing our moral responsibility to become instruments for the realization of human well-being that as philosophy and ethics teachers, we have to come together in order to unite and seek the very actualization of the moral ideals of society. As teachers, we are in the frontlines doing battle against hopelessness, and our students need from us a strong resolve to be an integral part of social change.

First, we are agents of change for we clarify moral issues and explain to our students the meaning of our moral responsibilities. Second, we have a greater obligation to society by becoming role models and leaders in order to effect actual tr…