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3rd SES Conference held at NDMU

The 3rd Conference of the Social Ethics Society was held successfully at the Notre Dame of Marbel University, October 4-5, 2013. Mr. Al Quillope chaired the conference with the theme, "Philosophical Reflections on Peace and Development."

The speakers during the conference include Fr. Ed Santoyo of NDU, Atty. Jamil Matalam of ADDU, Mr. Red dela Rosa of CMU, Mr. Ruben Balatol of ACT-Cebu, Mr. Aldrin Quintero of St. Alexius, Mr. Joefer Maninang of UM, Dr. Sherlito Sable of USEP, Mr. Albert Albina of NORSU, and Mr. Mike Gatchalian of St. Mary's College (Tagum).

Mr. Ryan Maboloc, SES President, in his Message to the participants, explored the relation between human development and weak states, the role of justice and equality in achieving a well-lived life, and the task at hand for philosophy in realizing a mature democracy. The revised edition of his "Philosophy of Man: The Existential Drama", was also launched during the Conference.

Participants also visited Lake …

Tribute to Dr. Romulo Bautista

Dr. Romulo Bautista touched our lives in so many ways. But there is one outstanding attribute that has served as the very essence of his commitment to philosophy. He was a very kind person. He gave his all to his students – nurturing them with his insights, challenging their positions, arguing passionately not only for reason’s sake, but for the sake of our humanity. Even if his health was failing him, he still possessed the unwavering desire to share his ideas. Ideas about what it means to be human are aplenty in this world, but the man who epitomizes the ideal of being human is hard to find.
Indeed, Dr. Bautista is a true person. We are a witness to this unfolding. The Social Ethics Society is one of his legacies. In life, we are taken to task in order to assume roles that are bigger than us. Dr. Bautista has contributed in a very huge way in promoting democracy, writing not only about its systemic or theoretical milieu, but more importantly, on its practical or pragmatic value. He w…

NDMU to host the 2013 SES Conference

The Social Ethics Society will hold its 3rd Annual Conference this coming October 4-5, 2013 at the Notre Dame of Marbel University. According to Mr. Al Quillope, Conference Chair, the theme of the conference is "Philosophical Reflections on Peace and Development." The theme basically touches on the core problem in Mindanao. The papers intend to look into the various aspects of the conflict, including its political, social, environmental, cultural and its human development dimension. So far, more than 100 people have confirmed their participation, including some 30 philosophy teachers from different institutions as far as Negros Oriental and Cebu City.

Fr. Eduardo Santoyo of the Notre Dame University in Cotabato City will give the Plenary Lecture. Other speakers include Atty. Jamil Matalam of ADDU, Mr. Redentor dela Rosa of CMU (Bukidnon), Dr. Sherlito Sable of USEP, Mr. Ruben Balatol of ACT Cebu, Mr. Albert Albina of Negros Oriental State University, Mr. Joefer Maninang of U…

CALL FOR PAPERS: 3rd Social Ethics Society Conference at NDMU

The 3rd Social Ethics Society Conference will be held this coming October 4-5, 2013 at the Notre Dame of Marbel University. The conference revolves on the theme "Peace and Development: Philosophical Reflections". Expected participants are philosophy teachers, students, researchers and members of NGOs involved in peace and development initiatives.

The paper/essay must be around 4,000 to 6,000 words. A 300 word abstract may be submitted on or before May 31, 2013. The deadline for the full-text will be on August 31, 2013. You may submit your paper to the SES President at or to Mr. Al Quillope of NDMU at The papers for the conference will be selected by the BOD of the Social Ethics Society.

Social Ethics Society to launch online journal

The Social Ethics Society will launch its online journal this coming October 2013 on the occasion of its third SES Conference at the Notre Dame of Marbel University.

In a recent meeting of the Board of Directors, the SES leadership has chosen Mr. Joefer Maninang as interim editor for the ethics journal. Mr. Armando Parantar of UIC and Ms. Jen Sinco of USM are the co-editors.

The journal will give philosophy teachers, students and researchers in Mindanao a venue to publish their papers. Papers will be refereed by a select group of senior members.

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