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3rd SES Conference at NDMU held

The 3rd Conference of the Social Ethics Society was held successfully at the Notre Dame of Marbel University, October 4-5, 2013.

Mr. Al Quillope, Conference Chair, reported that a total of 24 philosophy teachers and some 20 students participated in the Conference with the theme: "Philosophical Reflections on Peace and Development."

The speakers during the conference include Fr. Ed Santoyo of NDU, Atty. Jamil Matalam of ADDU, Mr. Red dela Rosa of CMU, Mr. Ruben Balatol of ACT-Cebu, Mr. Aldrin Quintero of St. Alexius, Mr. Joefer Maninang of UM, Dr. Sherlito Sable of USEP, Mr. Albert Albina of NORSU, and Mr. Mike Gatchalian of St. Mary's College (Tagum).

Mr. Ryan Maboloc, SES President, in his Message to the participants, explored the relation between human development and weak states, the role of justice and equality in achieving a well-lived life, and the task at hand for philosophy in realizing a mature democracy. The revised edition of his "Philosophy of Man: The E…