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Indonesian Consul for Immigration presents migration policy paper during the 5th SES Conference

Mr. Agus Majid, the consul for immigration of the Indonesian Consulate based in Davao City, presented a paper analyzing the impact of neo-liberalism on migration policy during the 5th Social Ethics Society Conference held at Pearl Farm Resort in Samal Island, Davao.

In his paper, he mentioned that "government intervention in regulating people movement is important" in today's age of the mass movement of peoples. This will require, according to him, understanding "new welfare and labor market systems." As such, he said that the challenge of governments these days is "to manage markets, not to strive vainly to shut it down," citing an article from The Economist.

When asked about the concerns of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWS), Consul Majid said that "immigration policy should be multilateral rather than unilateral," and that governments must have a holistic framework, instead of having a "purely economic or rationalist approach" in …

5th SES Conference held at Pearl Farm Resort

The 5th Social Ethics Society Conference was successfully held at Pearl Farm Resort in Samal Island, Davao, last October 30-31, 2015.

Fr. Dexter Veloso, SES president, during his Inspirational Message, highlighted the important work of the organization and its role in developing philosophical reflection in the region. He encouraged all participants to sustain their crucial work in order to better serve Philippine society.

Fr. Urbano Pardillo Jr., the dean of studies of the St. Francis Xavier College Seminary, which hosted the annual event, opened the conference that was attended by philosophy teachers, researchers, and scholars from the Visayas and Mindanao, inviting those in attendance to reflect on the spectacle of the dehumanization of work. 

The plenary speakers for this year are Dr. Jeffry Ocay of Silliman University, Dr. Ryan Urbano and Dr. Ruby Suazo of the University of San Carlos. The first set of paper presentors included Dr. Sherlito Sable of the University of Southeastern …

Social Ethics Society Journal of Applied Philosophy launched

The Social Ethics Society Journal of Applied Philosophy was launched last October 30, 2015 at Pearl Farm Resort, Samal Island, Davao.

Fr. Urbano Pardillo Jr., editor, mentioned the importance of the journal in giving philosophy researchers, graduate students, and scholars the opportunity to publish their work.

The maiden issue of the journal features four articles written by Dr. Jeffry Ocay (Silliman) on the philosophy of work, A/Prof. Christopher Ryan Maboloc (ADDU) on Iris Marion Young's 'politics of difference', Joharel Escobia (FSUU) on Giorgio Agamben and the state of exception, and Aldrin Quintero (St. Alexius) on Kant's On Perpetual Peace.

Peter Paul Elicor is the managing editor of the journal. A/Prof. Christopher Ryan Maboloc is associate editor. The peer reviewed journal's editorial consultants include Dr. Japhet Bakuwa of the University of Malawi, Dr. Jane Gallamaso of Xavier University, Dr. Godiva Eviota of the Mindanao State University, Dr. Ryan Urbano…