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Aldrin Quintero to succeed Fr. Veloso as SES President

Mr. Aldrin Quintero of the Notre Dame of Marbel University has been elected as president of the Social Ethics Society (2018-20). The election was held during the business meeting held at Pearl Farm Resort last October 27, 2017. He will succeed Fr. Dexter Veloso who served from 2015-17. The SES soared to new heights during Fr. Veloso's tenure that saw the organization hold three CHED-endorsed conferences.

The other officers who were elected include Mr. Joefer Maninang (UM) as Vice President, Mr. Wrendolf Juntilla (NDU) as secretary, Fr. Dexter Veloso (SFXCS) as treasurer, Mr. Jonas Miranda (SSCT) as auditor and Mr. Ian Clark Parcon (ADDU) as PIO. Dr. Sheldon Agaton, Fr. Urbano Pardillo Jr., and Mr. Peter Paul Elicor were elected as members of the Board of Directors. The SES was founded by Dr. Christopher Ryan Maboloc and the late Dr. Romulo Bautista in 2010.

7th SES Conference successfully concluded

The 7th Social Ethics Conference, with the theme "Political Philosophy in the Time of Terror," was successfully concluded last October 27, 2017 at Pearl Farm Resort. Dr. Zosimo Lee of the University of the Philippines gave the Keynote Lecture at the start of the two-day event.

Philosophy professors and young academics from the University of the Philippines, University of Santo Tomas, Silliman University, the University of San Carlos, Ateneo de Davao University, Notre Dame University, Bukidnon State University, the University of Mindanao, among others, attended the event.

Fr. Dexter Veloso, SES President, opened the conference. Dr. Godiva Eviota of MSU-Marawi and Dr. Emmanuel Fernando of the University of the Philippines delivered the plenary lectures. The conference was chaired by Dr. Christopher Ryan Maboloc. The St. Francis Xavier College Seminary, through Fr. Urbano Pardillo Jr., hosted the event.

The members of the organizing committee behind the 7th SES Philosophy Conf…

(Updated) 7th SES Conference List of Papers accepted for Oral Presentation

1. “The ‘Foulness’ of Man:  Aquinas on the Interplay of Moral Principles in the Event of       Extrajudicial Killing.”         Mar Floren de Vera University of Santo Tomas
2. “The Violent Majority: Some Reflections on the Crisis of Democracy.”        Dr. Jeffry Ocay Silliman University and University of San Agustin
3. “Between Deliberation and Agonism: Recasting the Habermas-Mouffe Debate on the Normative Basis of Democracy.”         Ian Clark Parcon        Ateneo de Davao University
4. “Miranda Fricker’s epistemic injustice: Theorizing linkages of ethics, epistemology and socio-Political Theory.”         Menelito Mansueto, Jr.        Far Eastern University 
5. "The Burden of Democracy and Historical Injustice." Dr. Ruby Suazo
      University of San Carlos
6. “Towards Cultural Democracy: Baudrillard on Cultural and Political Exclusion.” Gian Carla Agbisit University of Santo Tomas
7. “Terrorism and Modernity: Between Luhmann and Habermas.”        Wrendolf Juntilla Notre Dame University

CHED endorses 7th SES Conference

The Commission on Higher Education has endorsed participation to the 7th Social Ethics Society Conference to be held this October 26-27, 2017 at Pearl Farm Resort in Samal Island. The theme of this year's conference is "Political Philosophy in the Time of Terror."

Dr. Zosimo Lee of the University of the Philippines will be the keynote speaker for this year. The plenary speakers include Dr. Christopher Ryan Maboloc of the Ateneo de Davao University, Dr. Godiva Eviota of the Mindanao State University, and Fr. Urbano Pardillo Jr. of the St. Francis Xavier College Seminary,



CALL FOR PAPERS 7th Social Ethics Society Conference

Call for Papers: Violent extremism exists in our midst today and threatens the very existence of the world as we know it. Is there a way to put into context the beliefs and actions of individuals and groups who use extreme violence in order to advance their radical views and ideologies? What are the root causes of this form of violence? Is this type of violence the new normal in the world? What role does political philosophy play both in understanding and in deepening our insights on terror as a global phenomenon?

7th SES Conference to be held at Pearl Farm in October

The Social Ethics Society, through the humble leadership of Fr. Dexter Veloso, will be holding its 7th Annual Philosophical Conference this coming October 26-27, 2017 at Pearl Farm Resort with the theme, "Political philosophy in the time of terror." The theme is an urgent attempt to reflect on the difficult reality that the world is into, given the threat of terror in our midst. The subtopics for the concurrent discussions include "Democracy and historical injustice," "Multiculturalism and political theory," "Religion and culture," "Poverty and political exclusion," and "Peace and the Bangsamoro." The Call for Papers will be out soon.

Past SES president conferred "Maxima Cum Laude" by USC

Christopher Ryan Maboloc, past president of the Social Ethics Society, has been conferred the rare distinction of "Maxima Cum Laude" by the University of San Carlos for his doctorate degree in philosophy during graduation rites held last April 10, 2017 in Cebu City.

The distinction is the highest in the graduate school of USC and the first-ever that has been awarded in the history of USC. Based on the criteria, it is conferred on a graduate with a GPA of not less than 1.07, comprehensive exam average score of not less than 95%, at least one publication in an indexed international journal during the course of the study, and presentation of the dissertation research in an international conference.

Maboloc finished his doctorate with a GPA of 1.06, comprehensive exam average score of 95.96, and four papers published in indexed international journals. He presented his dissertation to a group of bioethicists in an international conference held at Perdana University in Kuala Lumpu…

SES is now part of the joint national philosophical conference in Baguio City

The Social Ethics Society is now part of the joint national conference in philosophy that will be held in Baguio in April 2017 at St. Louis University. The annual conference will be participated in by the Philosophical Association of the Philippines, the Philosophical Association of the Visayas and Mindanao, and the Philosophical Association of Northern Luzon. The theme of the conference is "Pedagogy, Philosophy and the Liberal Arts."

Fr. Dexter Veloso, president of the SES, approved the participation recently, with the intent of collaborating with the other philosophical associations in the country. The SES was established in 2010 by the late Dr. Romulo Bautista and Prof. Christopher Ryan Maboloc. It has also its own journal, the SES Journal of Applied Philosophy, whose editor is Fr, Urbano Pardillo, Jr. The SES has since held six conferences, the last of which was at Secdea Resort in Samal Island.