Aldrin Quintero to succeed Fr. Veloso as SES President

Mr. Aldrin Quintero of the Notre Dame of Marbel University has been elected as president of the Social Ethics Society (2018-20). The election was held during the business meeting held at Pearl Farm Resort last October 27, 2017. He will succeed Fr. Dexter Veloso who served from 2015-17. The SES soared to new heights during Fr. Veloso's tenure that saw the organization hold three CHED-endorsed conferences.

The other officers who were elected include Mr. Joefer Maninang (UM) as Vice President, Mr. Wrendolf Juntilla (NDU) as secretary, Fr. Dexter Veloso (SFXCS) as treasurer, Mr. Jonas Miranda (SSCT) as auditor and Mr. Ian Clark Parcon (ADDU) as PIO. Dr. Sheldon Agaton, Fr. Urbano Pardillo Jr., and Mr. Peter Paul Elicor were elected as members of the Board of Directors. The SES was founded by Dr. Christopher Ryan Maboloc and the late Dr. Romulo Bautista in 2010.

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