(Updated) 7th SES Conference List of Papers accepted for Oral Presentation

1. “The ‘Foulness’ of Man:  Aquinas on the Interplay of Moral Principles in the Event of
      Extrajudicial Killing.” 
       Mar Floren de Vera
      University of Santo Tomas

2. “The Violent Majority: Some Reflections on the Crisis of Democracy.” 
      Dr. Jeffry Ocay
      Silliman University and University of San Agustin

3. “Between Deliberation and Agonism: Recasting the Habermas-Mouffe Debate on the Normative Basis of Democracy.” 
       Ian Clark Parcon 
      Ateneo de Davao University

4. “Miranda Fricker’s epistemic injustice: Theorizing linkages of ethics, epistemology and socio-Political Theory.” 
       Menelito Mansueto, Jr. 
      Far Eastern University 

5. "The Burden of Democracy and Historical Injustice."
      Dr. Ruby Suazo
      University of San Carlos

6. Towards Cultural Democracy: Baudrillard on Cultural and Political Exclusion.”
       Gian Carla Agbisit
      University of Santo Tomas

7. “Terrorism and Modernity: Between Luhmann and Habermas.” 
      Wrendolf Juntilla
      Notre Dame University

8. “Duterte Superstar: From Kynic to Cynic and Back.” 
      Mark Joseph Landingin
      Colegio de Dagupan

9. “Terrorism and Rawls’s Law of Peoples.” 
      Joefer G. Maninang
      University of Mindanao

10. “Critical Humor as Resistance to Terrorism.” 
      Joseph Guillermo
      Adamson University

11. “Kant and Terror Refugees.” 
       Sheldon Ives Agaton
       Eastern Visayas State University

12. “Post-Truth and Politics in the prism of the philosophy of Hannah Arendt.” 
       Jonas Robert Miranda 
       Surigao State College of Technology

13. “Trolls and the keyboard thinking effect: A totalizing perversion of and an onslaught to solidarity and social cohesion in the age of post-truth society.” 
       Ben Carlo Atim
       St. Paul Seminary

14. “What Violence? Noumenal Violence in Slavoj Zizek and Rainer Forst.” 
       Ismael Magadan, Jr.
       Silliman University

15. “Violence and Human Development: A Perspective from Amartya Sen.” 
        Gerry Arambala
        La Salle University

16. Language-games and confluent spaces: towards a Wittgensteinian contribution to discourse ethics.
       Nikolo Panganoron
       University of the Philippines - Diliman

17. Between Agreement and Disagreement: Mediating Conflicting Perspectives on Martial Law in Mindanao"
Benjiemen Labastin
La Salle University
18. “Filipino Hospitality and the Risk of Violence and Terrorism.” 
        Rico D. Recoleto II
        St. Michael’s College of Iligan

19. A Freirean Examination of Duterte’s Political Philosophy.” 
        Rene Tadle
        University of Santo Tomas

20. The legal enforcement of morality in Philippine Law” 
        Dr. Emmanuel Fernando
        University of the Philippines

21. The Socio-Cultural Dominance of Collective Political Violence: A Theoretical Analysis” 
        Rodolfo Bagay, Jr.
        De La Salle University

22. “From Residents to Citizens: Reflection on an obsolescent Democracy and Murray Bookchin’s  Libertarian Municipalism.” 
Jeffrey L. Bartilet
Polytechnic University of the Philippines

23. "Naturephilosophy and Social Ethics."
       Virgilio A. Rivas
       Polytechnic University of the Philippines

24. "Levinas' Political of the Non-Political."
       Jholy John Nobabos
       University of Santo Tomas

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