On Membership

Based on Article IX of the Social Ethics Society's approved constitution and by-laws, the following are the rules of membership in the society:

Article IX


1. Membership shall be on an individual basis. The President, the officers, or members may invite potential members to the organization; Attendance to at least one of the conferences is a requisite for membership.

2. All members must be a student or a graduate in the field of philosophy, an instructor or professor of philosophy, or a researcher in the field of philosophy;

3. All new members shall be approved by the Board of Directors in a regular meeting;

4. Members are to pay an annual membership due of 500.00 to the Treasurer;

5. Members can be removed for just cause by a majority vote of the Board of Directors or by resignation in a letter addressed to the President;

For more information, email the SES at ryanmaboloc75@yahoo.com or at peterelicor@gmail.com

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