The Social Ethics Society - A Restatement

As philosophy teachers, scholars and students, we have to remain steadfast yet humble in the bold vision that we must have a critical stake in the future design of Philippine society. This is the task that we have embraced as members of the Social Ethics Society since its founding in 2010. During discussions on our constitution-and-by-laws, we have openly taken the position  that philosophical reflection should result to a conscientious understanding of the moral dimension of politics and governance. In the past three years, the SES has tackled issues concerning democracy and the rule of law, human development and the problem of peace, social justice and the politics of exclusion.

Many of our members have argued that moral leadership should bridge rather than disturb the connection between civil society and the government. The late Dr. Romulo Bautista has inspired many young scholars in you to pursue that synergistic attitude and that unfailing faith in democracy. As we enter this crucial stage as an organization, I rally each and everyone to remain critical of the various apparent inequalities in Philippine society, and hopeful in our moral resolve to bring about change through our own various capacities.

- The President

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