(Updated) 6TH SES Conference List of Papers accepted for Oral Presentation

1. “Paul Ricoeur and the Task of Political Education”
      Dr. Ruby Suazo
      University of San Carlos

2. “Democratizing Philippine democracy”
      Dr. Sherlito Sable
      University of Southeastern Philippines               

3. "Democracy's Discontent: The Problem of Knowledge and a Modest Attempt at a Solution."
        Ian Anthony Davatos
        Ateneo de Manila University

4. “The Emergence of Empathy and the Coming of a State: From Pheno. Issues to Pol. Concerns’
       Fr. Francis Paul Escano, RCJ
       Rogationist Seminary Cebu

5. “Vantage Points of Utang na Loob”
      Sheldon Ives Agaton
      Eastern Visayas State University

6. “Morality as a Network Property and the Biophysical Nature of Moral Judgments”
      Will Lorca
      Silliman University

7. “Fair Play Principle and Environmental Protection”
      Arnel Morte, MA
      Central Mindanao University

8. "A Comparative Study of the Theories of Iris Marion Young and Pope Benedict XVI"
      Fr. Victor Emmanuel Aurellana
      Rogationist Seminary, Paranaque City

9. “Democracy as Critique: Re-actualizing Jürgen Habermas’ Theory of the Public Sphere”
      Ismael Pahuyo Magadan Jr., MA
      Silliman University

10. “Global Justice in the World Risk Society Paradigm”
       Jonas Robert Miranda, MA
       Surigao State College of Technology

11. “Institutions in the Capability Approach to Justice”
       Damian Dempsey
       Ateneo de Davao University

12. “Heidegger: Enframing and Actor Network Theory: A Critical Analysis”
       Gerry Arambala
       La Salle University - Ozamis          

13. “On Berry's Technological Transformation: Its Implications to Environmental Degradation”
        Aldrin Quintero, MA
        St. Alexius College - Marbel

14. "Is the Good a Desire, Convenient Politics or an Obligation"
       Prof. Bill Atweh
       Philippine Normal University

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