Ateneo awards Radical Democracy research grant to Maboloc

The University Research Council of the Ateneo de Davao University has awarded Dr. Christopher Ryan Maboloc a research grant on a project entitled "Radical Democracy in the Time of Duterte." The research will be undertaken from November 2017 until July 2018. Dr. Maboloc has since conducted two Focus Group Discussions. Dr. Zosimo Lee of UP, Bro. Karl Gaspar of SATMI, Dr. Jeffry Ocay of Silliman, Dr. Ruby Suazo of USC, Dr. Andi Villa of ADDU and Dr. Sherlito Sable of USEP have participated in the FGDs, both held at Ateneo de Davao University. Ms. Kathleen Pastrana and Mr. Ismael Magadan Jr. will serve as Maboloc's research assistants.

The study seeks to investigate the history of domination in the Philippines and explain how it has resulted to conflict and resistance in the Bangsamoro, using the lens and literature on radical democracy developed by Chantal Mouffe. "Hegemony characterizes the social order," Mouffe writes. The research also aims to provide a philosophical picture of the radical leadership style of President Duterte and make an assessment of the same in contrast to Western prototypes of democracy, with emphasis on his war on drugs and his desire for the democratic inclusion of Mindanao.

In less than a year after his election to office, President Duterte has caused an unprecedented impact and influence in the social and political life of the Filipino people. No Philippine president in recent history has made prominent headlines around the world like President Duterte. But the narrative behind it all is the latent history of domination that has defined the course of the country’s destiny, one that has formed its political elites. The people in the Bangsamoro, neglected for decades, have remained impoverished due to social and political exclusion. Muslim Mindanao, the NSCB reports, has a 45% poverty incidence rate.

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