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Book on Radical Leadership and Philosophy to be released

CRITICAL QUESTIONS: PHILOSOPHICAL VANTAGE POINTS FROM THE SOUTH  Christopher Ryan Maboloc  Juichiro Tanabe  Editors  Chapter 1 – War, Peace and the Future of the Bangsamoro by Christopher Ryan Maboloc Chapter 2 - The Radical Leadership of President Duterte by Joezenon Purog  Chapter 3 An Agonistic Approach to Filipino Philosophy by Gerry Arambala Chapter 4 – Prospects of Doing Philosophy by Ruben Balotol Chapter 5 – Aspects of the Padrino System in Philippine Society by Sheldon Ives Agaton Chapter 6 – Dussel’s Philosophy of Liberation and the Pandemic by Menelito Mansueto Chapter 7 – Developing an Indigenous Ethics by Rogelio Bayod Chapter 8 – Ecological Capability and Sustainable Development by Fr. Guo Wang
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Thomas Pogge to mentor AdDU prof in ASAP Global Justice Fellowship at Yale

Professor Thomas Pogge of Yale University will be the mentor of Dr. Christopher Ryan Maboloc in the ASAP Global Justice Program Fellowship at Yale University. Prof. Pogge is the author of World Poverty and Human Rights. Dr. Maboloc will write his research on structural issues in Muslim Mindanao using the perspectives of Iris Marion Young and Thomas Pogge.  ASAP is an acronym for Academics Stand Against Poverty. According to its website, it utilizes "scholarship to influence policy and public attitudes to poverty. Established in 2010, (ASAP) is a non-partisan, independent global organization aiming to eradicate severe poverty worldwide." It is based in New Haven, Connecticut. It is under the Global Justice Program at Yale.  Fourteen scholars around the world were chosen for the ASAP Program. Pogge is the most prominent scholar on global justice. He proposed the global difference principle as a critique to John Rawls's A Theory of Justice. Rawls was Pogge's adviser at H

Dr. Christopher Ryan Maboloc is chosen as ASAP Yale University Global Justice Fellow

Dr. Christopher Ryan Maboloc has been selected as one of the 2024 ASAP Global Justice Program Fellow at Yale University. including other scholars from the United States, India, Kosovo, Pakistan, Germany, Paraguay, Kosovo, and the UK. According to its website, the Academics Stand Against Poverty (ASAP) is "utilizing scholarship to influence policy and public attitudes to poverty." ASAP fellows have the opportunity to work with top global scholars from Yale on their research topics and agenda. Dr. Thomas Pogge is the head of the Yale Global Justice Program. 

Horace Silliman Lecture Series 2024

Dr. Christopher Ryan Maboloc gave four separate lectures at Silliman University from March 13 to 15, 2024. He was the keynote speaker during the Horace Silliman Lecture Series. He talked about peace in Mindanao   He discussed Religion in the Public Sphere during the first day. He discussed Liberalism and its Critics in the morning of the final day and Great Power Politics in the afternoon. Prof. Arvin Revagorda organized the event. 

Radical Politics in the Philippines

“The politics in the Philippines, during the latter part of the 20th century, were positive concerning the potential for what has become radical democracy as rule from the demos, by, of, and for the People. However, as is argued in the current work, democracy became elitist thereby largely ignoring much of the population. This lack of reach caused turbulence as the 21st century began due to the large distance between the periphery and the center, with the periphery growing in size. With a large periphery, social unrest becomes apparent as people try to work through the democratic system for basic relief, while realizing they are risking political and societal breakdown. The challenges are vast and the risks are increasing for this resource rich country. Into these conditions, a small group of philosophers from the south of the Philippines are considering current deliberation on politics concerning poverty, ecology, technology, and general concerns that give attention to the root causes

Fr. Dexter Veloso, PhD, credits the success of the SES to collective leadership

Fr. Dexter Veloso, PhD, credits the success of the Social Ethics Society to its collective type of leadership. Dr. Christopher Ryan Maboloc says that the intent of the SES is to provide opportunities to young academics from Mindanao to have a venue where they can present their papers. After more than a decade, the organization he co-founded with the late Dr. Romulo Bautista in 2010 has reached new heights by bringing top local and international scholars to Mindanao. The SES has witnessed the rise of the scholarly outputs of its members. Young academics like Ruben Balotol, Gerry Arambala, Cathy Mae Toquero, and Menelito Mansueto have published excellent papers in prestigious journals here and abroad. Dr. Rogelio Bayod and Dr. Randy Tudy are also two of the most cited in their field.  Dr. Rogelio Bayod is instrumental in the growth of the SES for his dynamic handling of previous events and his unfailing commitment, together with the other officers, to make the SES what it is today. Dr. I

Tanabe, Rennesland headline successful 14th SES Conference

The 14th Social Ethics Society Conference was successfully held from February 1-2, 2024 at Haven's Dew Resort, Davao del Sur. The event was formally opened by Fr. Dexter Veloso, PhD, President of the SES. Dr. Alex Niez of Cor Jesu College delivered a welcome message on behalf of the host. Dr. Roger Bayod, the convenor, gave the rationale of the event. The plenary lecturers who spoke in person were Dr. Juichiro Tanabe (Waseda University), Dr. Anton Heinrich Rennesland (UST), Dr. Christopher Ryan Maboloc (AdDU), Dr. Lemuel Sayao (Cor Jesu), and Dr. Ian Clark Parcon (AdDU). Dr. John Weckert (Charles Sturt University), Dr. Daniel Mishori (Tel Aviv Univesity) and Dr. Layne Hartsell (Chulalongkorn University) gave their lectures via Zoom. The Board of Directors of the SES awarded Fr. Dexter Veloso with a Plaque of Commendation for his outstanding leadership and commitment that enabled the organization to expand nationwide and engage internationally. The SES presently has a membership of